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Is there Asbestos Insulation in Your House?

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Have you ever wondered about the dangers of the things that go unseen in your home? Never mind the bugs and the dust, but what hides behind the walls of the place you call home? One thing that could be lurking in the shadows is asbestos, and you should be worried. But how can you be sure it is asbestos? Where do you start? Here at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, we are here to guide you through how we safely identify asbestos insulation in Winnipeg.

Asbestos Insulation Basics

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance that was used for fireproofing as well as soundproofing. Vermiculite insulation was frequently used in the attics and walls of homes that were built between the 1920s and the 1990s. This material contained asbestos fibers which became widely known in recent years for being toxic when inhaled. Studies show that between June 2004 and March 2005, of the 3,184 homes in Manitoba evaluated for energy efficiency across Canada for the Natural Resource Canada's EnerGuide for Houses Program, about seven percent of those homes contained vermiculite insulation. If asbestos is secure and is not damaged or disturbed, it’s considered safe. However, if you are considering remodeling or starting a special project in your home, it is a good idea to get building materials professionally checked before you begin. The Dangers of Asbestos Insulation Although asbestos may not always be present, if it does enter your lungs it can do some major damage up to and including death, if you inhale asbestos for a long period of time or if you are frequently exposed. Health Risks Include:

  • Fibrotic Lung Disease (Asbestosis)

  • Changes in the chest cavity lining

  • Increase in lung cancer risk

  • Increase in mesothelioma risk

Do you suspect Asbestos in your home?

Many old houses and structures were built using the type of building materials where you might find asbestos. When trying to identify potential problem areas in your home, keep in mind that asbestos fibers are microscopic. It is difficult to identify them which is why you should have an asbestos professional inspect any work you intend to do. Our staff is fully certified and equipped to deal with the danger of asbestos if it is lurking in your home. We test for asbestos fibers in suspect physical materials and we can test for fibers in the air to cover all the bases. We perform a free asbestos inspection to evaluate the potential dangers, prior to beginning asbestos abatement. The Four Key Steps We Use:

  1. Determining the age of the house

  2. Visually assessing the suspect material

  3. Taking a sample for testing

  4. Analyzing the sample & reporting the results

Does Your Home Have Asbestos Insulation in Winnipeg?

If you believe your home requires an inspection, don’t hesitate to call the professionals to deal with any potential asbestos insulation in Winnipeg. If our tests prove that there is asbestos insulation present in your home, then we provide you with the next steps to take. We use environmentally sound methods following approved Federal and Provincial guidelines when testing and removing asbestos insulation, so you will be in good hands. Before moving or renovating your home, be sure to check out our services for asbestos removal in Winnipeg and get things done the right way.


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