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Commercial Demolition Services


According to the laws in the province, certain materials make a workspace unsafe and are strictly banned. These hazardous materials cause as much damage to your home and can cause significant health issues. We help with the remediation of a variety of materials, such as:

Did you know that your home or commercial building could have been built using materials that are now known to have harmful properties? Prolonged exposure to these materials can have a significant impact on the health of a building’s occupants. Not only that but the presence of certain types of mould can even damage the structural integrity of your home or business. At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, we have been helping clients secure their property against asbestos, mould and more for many years. We provide assessment, inspection, and commercial demolition services in Winnipeg for all types of properties.

  • Asbestos

  • Mould

  • Lead

  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

What makes eliminating these materials from your property using our demolition services in Winnipeg so crucial is that they can be found anywhere, from your lighting to the old paint on your walls. You can go years without ever detecting their presence while exposing yourself to them. Our team can help you avoid this –please get in touch with us today to learn more about our demolition renovation services in Winnipeg.


We offer demolition services for mould remediation in buildings for both lead and PCBs, which are old-school, unsafe paints. When undertaking commercial work, these are treated as hazardous materials, so we strip these materials or remove the entire pipe as an example. PCBs or Polychlorinated Biphenyls are man-made organic chemicals that were manufactured from 1929 until 1979, when they were banned. These chemicals were most commonly used in old-school commercial lighting (chemicals in the ballasts) and must also be disposed of as hazardous materials. For homes and businesses, our demolition services for mould remediation provided by certified professionals will lower the health risks involved and leave you with a healthy indoor environment.

Demolition Services

Whether you want to implement large-scale renovations or require an asbestos assessment for your commercial building, trust us to protect everyone’s safety throughout this crucial process. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions will ensure you have the proper assistance at hand. Our asbestos testing procedures meet the provincial guidelines and legislative requirements. We understand the importance of identifying asbestos-containing materials in commercial properties.


Our expert staff can take the stress out of your commercial demolition project in Winnipeg. We are equipped with the skills and tools to get the job done correctly and safely. We use duct control measures to protect the rest of your building. Being a fully certified remediation company, we are ready to handle any hazards that may be found within the walls, below floorboards, or lurking deep within your commercial property or industrial site. Whether you want to implement large-scale renovations or minor renovations, trust us to protect everyone’s safety throughout this crucial process. The demolition contractors at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions will ensure you have the proper assistance at hand.


Make us your one-stop shop and call us for all your demolition needs today.

Why Do You Need Commercial Demolition Services in Winnipeg?

Opting to demolish may not be an easy decision, but it can be very beneficial in several cases. Here are a few reasons why you should hire demolition contractors to bring down your property in Winnipeg:

  • Demolishing and rebuilding can invite more tenants.

  • It can help avoid heavy repair and renovation costs.

  • If the local authorities have declared your building unsafe, demolition is the right option.

  • Demolition can help you avoid the expenditure of high amounts for asbestos removal.

  • Partial demolition can help you create more space while retaining your building.

If you want to hire our services for your concrete removal or commercial demolition project in Winnipeg, call us today.

We Can Get You the Winnipeg Demolition Permit

The Winnipeg Demolition Permit is required if you want to destroy a property which is more than 10 m2 (108 sq.ft.) in area. The Inspections Branch of Winnipeg will come and inspect the property and determine if it's safe for demolition without engineering. The demolition would need to be engineered if the distance between your foundation and an adjacent structure is less than 8 feet. The process may sound overwhelming, but our experienced team can get you the permit conveniently and suggest what needs to be done if there are issues in acquiring the permit.

Demolition & Mould


With specialized equipment and protective gear, our team removes your mould infestation that can cause significant damage to your commercial property or industrial complex. Flooding, leakage and other types of water damage on a property can create a breeding ground for mould on your commercial or residential property. Mould multiplies and can make its home in small crevices, behind appliances, inside walls, underneath carpets and other similar areas that might make it undetectable to laypeople. Mould can cause extensive structural damage to your office or home when left unchecked. It can cause respiratory issues for the building's occupants and worsen the symptoms of those who already suffer from them.

We have the equipment, manpower and experience to detect and remove mould from your property safely. Our mould remediation and interior demolition services will protect the structural integrity of commercial space and protect the health of your employees. We use protective gear and specialized technology to discard the mould without causing any damage to public health. Our mould abatement services in Winnipeg can help you adhere to workplace safety regulations.

Demolition & Asbestos

When disturbed, asbestos releases fibres that cause serious health issues, including severe lung damage, when inhaled. What makes asbestos particularly dangerous is that it is nearly impossible for you to be able to detect it on your property. If you suspect your building could have asbestos, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us as soon as possible. Our team will visit your property and carry out a thorough investigation using cutting-edge equipment. We have the skills, training and experience to detect and remove asbestos from your property safely during a demolition without threatening your health. It is easy to mishandle asbestos while attempting to remove it. For instance, asbestos fibres can enter your HVAC system if disturbed, causing them to be inhaled by all those who are present on your property. Our asbestos removal in Winnipeg will help you breathe easy. Many people go on living with asbestos and exposing themselves to many critical health conditions. As a rule, all properties that were built before the 90s should be inspected for asbestos.

Why Work with Us?

Are you considering undertaking a do-it-yourself approach for your demolition or toxic-material abatement project? We at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions strongly recommend against this for many reasons, the chief one being the threat to your and your employees' health. There are many reasons to work with a professional commercial demolition and abatement company like us, such as:

  • Training: We have the training to remove hazardous materials like mould and asbestos while adhering to provincial and federal guidelines.

  • Safety: Demolition, especially that following the detection of asbestos and other hazardous materials, is a dangerous job that only experienced and trained professionals like us should undertake.

  • Equipment: We have the right equipment to carry out the job without negatively impacting public health, the environment and your property.

  • Experience: As abatement and demolition professionals, we have years of experience in handling toxic materials and removing them from commercial and residential buildings.

  • Comprehensive services: Our remediation company works with a wide variety of harmful substances, ranging from lead to mould.

We provide interior demolitions and environmental remediation services for lead and asbestos abatement and removal of indoor hazardous materials that may be lurking deep within the walls of your office or industrial compound. Additionally, using lead and PCB is considered chemically toxic for indoor walls, which may release their emissions within the property.


To learn more about how teaming up with our demolition contractors in Winnipeg can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. In addition to working on commercial demolition projects, we also offer concrete removal services. We serve cities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.

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