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Premium Duct Cleaning


It’s important to get your ducts cleaned after mould remediation as there still could be mould particles left in the ducts. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions offers premium duct cleaning services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.


Do you want your indoor air to be cleaner and healthier? If so, duct cleaning can help keep the air in your home free of irritants and contaminants. This is particularly important for those with asthma or allergies. Don’t let your ducts become a problem—contact Breathe Easy Eco Solutions for premium duct cleaning in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Some factors that can increase your need for duct cleaning include pets, cigar or cigarette smoke, and renovation or construction projects. Without cleaning, debris can settle in your ducts, where it can continue to irritate you for years to come. We have found everything from decomposed animals to valuable treasures hidden deep in the ductwork. We can also clean the furnace blower fan.

One Flat Rate for Premium Duct Cleaning

Unlike other companies, whose duct cleaning services often include hidden or extra charges, we offer one flat rate for the following residential premium duct cleaning services:

We clean all of your ducts (both supply and return) using our truck mount unit. This state-of-the-art equipment is much better than a portable unit or simply sticking a vacuum hose into the duct. The suction that develops using the truck-mount unit ensures that all contaminants are pulled out of the ductwork, vastly improving the efficiency of the air movement throughout your home.
We clean your furnace blower motor, which also helps keep your indoor air and ductwork clean. Please note that we do not service your furnace since this must be done by a furnace technician.
We blow out the dryer line. This is where home fires can start, so we clean it without an extra fee.
We treat the furnace filter with an eco-friendly product so that air passing through the filter is treated. You should have a new furnace filter available when we come. We will treat up to 3 additional new filters as part of our service, so make sure that those extra filters are out in plain view.
And, of course, we treat your ducts. We use our effective proprietary eco-friendly mixture in your ducts, which kills mould, parasites, viruses and bacteria while not being toxic to you. Beware of companies who may offer an off-the-shelf chemical disinfectant as a duct treatment. Some of these can make you very sick. Ask them what they are using, and call us if you are concerned with what they offer. Please note that our duct treatment alone is not a substitute for treating the rest of your house if you have a mould issue.

We can make your home healthier and the air more breathable. Contact us today for premium duct cleaning and more.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Poor indoor air quality can cause indoor air pollution. Cleaning your ducts can help create a comfortable and healthy environment in your home. Here are other advantages of duct cleaning:

  • Healthy air quality
    Duct cleaning is essential to eliminate accumulated bacteria, fungi, mites and mould.

  • Improved heating and cooling system efficiency
    Dust and dirt restrict proper airflow inside the duct, causing your furnace or air conditioner to overwork. Duct cleaning can help improve system efficiency and save costly replacements.

  • Avoid fire hazards
    Debris is flammable and can lead to a fire hazard. Cleaning the duct reduces overheating and decreases the risk of potential fire hazards.

  • Reduce allergens
    Mould, dust mites or fungi in the ducts can mix up in the air as allergens. This can irritate sensitive noses and respiratory systems. Thus, duct cleaning is vital to keep everyone allergy-free.

  • Cleaner, safer home
    Your home’s air should always be clean, and regularly cleaning ducts can help ensure this. When dust-free, breathable air circulates throughout the house, your furniture, drapes, walls and rugs also become safe to use.

  • Energy saving
    By keeping your air duct system clean, your air conditioner and furnace will run at top efficiency. This means more energy-saving and, ultimately, cost savings!

Reasons You Need Duct Cleaning

Do you notice dirt, dust and debris collecting on your floors or duct vent? Chances are, it is time for a duct cleanup! Consider the following methods for determining when your ducts require cleaning:

  • Before shifting to a new house: The ducts in newly built homes are laden with drywall dust, wood sawdust and shavings, and construction-related dirt. This calls for air duct cleaning. Reach out to professionals to help you.

  • Post interior renovations or home remodelling: There is a visible accumulation of dust and substantial mould growth in your ducts after interior revamps. It is recommended to opt for a complete duct cleanup before continuing with your everyday living.

  • When you have pets: Your pets tend to shred large amounts of hair and dander, which can build up in the ducts over time. A routine duct cleaning schedule is important to keep everyone safe and healthy.

  • When there are foul odours, your ducts are possibly dirty if your home smells musty. Call professional duct cleaners to help you immediately.

These are just a few mention-worthy reasons to get your ducts cleaned. As experts, we suggest getting general duct maintenance done regularly to avoid costly repairs in the future. Please refer to our blog section if you want to know more about duct cleaning services. Feel free to connect with us for more details.

Why Choose Breathe Easy Eco Solutions in Winnipeg

Make your lives healthier and happier with cleaner ducts. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions is a dependable duct cleaning company in Winnipeg. We deliver duct cleaning services for residential heating and cooling systems. Our certified professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and best industry practices to clean every duct type. We can clear substantial deposits on a new home's duct systems. Our team will reach you at the scheduled time and ensure you are comfortable throughout the duct cleaning process.

Homeowners can keep their ducts fresh, hygienic, and free from harmful contaminants with our solutions. If your ducts are overdue for a cleanup, call us to schedule a service now.

Get Cleaner Air!

Improve your indoor air quality with regular duct cleaning services by our professionals at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions.

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