Asbestos Removal in Manitoba and Surrounding Areas

If asbestos is secure and enclosed in your building, it’s typically considered safe and should be left alone. If you’re considering renovations, demolition or remodelling projects in a building built in the ‘80s or earlier, however, it’s important to bring in the asbestos experts at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions to assess the situation and, if necessary, provide abatement. We’re the ones to call for asbestos removal in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario! Since asbestos can be difficult to find, we can test physical materials for asbestos and test the air for asbestos fibres. If we find that you do have asbestos in your property, we will provide guidance for what steps to take next.

We always want to ensure that your home or business is safe and free of toxic chemicals that can harm your health. That’s why, when we perform asbestos abatement, we use environmentally sound methods following approved Federal and Provincial guidelines. Contact Breathe Easy Eco Solutions to get a free asbestos inspection.

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We will visit your property, generate a report and provide a no-obligation quote for any work that may be required.

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