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Premium Duct Cleaning for Winnipeg Properties

It’s important to get your ducts cleaned after mould remediation as there still could be mould particles left in the ducts. Breathe Easy offers Premium Duct Cleaning services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

Do you want your indoor air to be cleaner and healthier? If so, duct cleaning can help to keep the air in your home or business free of irritants and contaminants. This is particularly important for those with asthma or allergies. Don’t let your ducts become a problem—contact Breathe Easy Eco Solutions for premium duct cleaning in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Some factors that can increase your need for duct cleaning include pets, cigar or cigarette smoke, and renovation or construction projects. Without cleaning, debris can settle in your ducts, where it can continue to irritate you for years to come. We have found everything from decomposed animals to valuable treasures hidden deep in the ductwork. We can also clean the furnace blower fan.

One Flat Rate for Premium Duct Cleaning

Unlike other companies, whose duct cleaning services often include hidden or extra charges, we offer one flat rate for the following residential premium duct cleaning services:

 We clean all of your ducts (both supply and return) using our truck mount unit. This state-of-the-art equipment is much better than a portable unit or simply sticking a vacuum hose into the duct. The suction that develops using the truck-mount unit ensures that all contaminants are pulled out of the ductwork, vastly improving the efficiency of the air movement throughout your home.

 We clean your furnace blower motor which also helps keep your indoor air and ductwork clean. Please note that we do not service your furnace, since this must be done by a furnace technician.

 We blow out the dryer line. This is where home fires can start, so we clean it without an extra fee.

 We treat the furnace filter with an eco-friendly product so that air passing through the filter is treated. You should have a new furnace filter available when we come. We will treat up to 3 additional new filters as part of our service so make sure that those extra filters are out in plain view.

 And, of course, we treat your ducts. We use our effective proprietary eco-friendly mixture in your ducts, which kills mould, parasites, viruses and bacteria while not being toxic to you. Beware of companies who may offer an off-the-shelf, chemical disinfectant as a duct treatment. Some of these can make you very sick. Ask them what they are using, and call us if you are concerned with what they offer. Please note that our duct treatment alone is not a substitute for treating the rest of your house if you have a mould issue.


We can make your home healthier and the air more breathable. Contact us today for premium duct cleaning and more.

See What Our Customers Have to Say about Us!

Prompt, Efficient Mould Removal

My wife and I live in a newly renovated condo downtown. Recently after moving in we had noticed some green and black spots on ceiling above our bed. We called the building management and they decided to have someone paint over it. It had turned out to be mould but not until it had come through the paint did I discern this. My wife had read in the news about a business that dealt strictly with eco products that would take care of mould and other unwanted toxins, so we called. To our surprise it was a young man with vast knowledge of indoor environmental health concerns. I was beside myself when after a quick inspection he told us that the whole ceiling was covered with mould. It took him no time at all to treat the whole condo that evening. All I can say is thank you so much for the prompt and efficient service.

To this day, one year later, no mould has come back.

-Paul and Jessica

Efficient Mould Treatment

All the rain and flooding that we experienced here in Winnipeg had caused so much moisture in my basement prior to me installing a sump pump. I thought that the pump would have fixed the moisture and stop mould from growing up my concrete walls. We used bleach to try to kill the mould, but I got really sick after that, constantly coughing and wheezing. I was sore inside my joints and I knew I had done some kind of damage. Like out of thin air, the Breathe Easy Eco Solutions pamphlet came to me in the mail and I called right away. Mr. Carr came over the following day to complete an initial inspection and to talk to me about the health issues I was facing since being exposed to the mould. During his inspection, he discovered that my weeping tile was cracked and sinking, and that was the problem with the moisture coming in all along. Mr. Carr was so thorough, I had to take notes. He was very thorough and knowledgeable and took the time to explain the issues my house had and to answer all of my questions. The next day he came over and in a matter of hours dealt with the mould. He also found an amazing contractor who fixed my weeping tile the very next week. I not only feel better but now I have a way better understanding of indoor air quality. This guy has something here and it's going somewhere big!

-R. G.

Helpful Information about Demolition Dangers

As a carpenter of 20 years, I have seen it all in the restoration and reconstruction world. I run a crew of 6 guys who all feel the same way: see mould, tear it down or bleach it, then rebuild. I had always thought this way until one afternoon walked up on our job site and asked us about mould issues in carpentry. We got to discussing the issue and learned about the dangers of demolition with mould and the potential effects it may have on not only myself but my crew. He had really great and helpful information for us. And as a business owner, knowing these particulars makes my operation way more responsible when finding mould. Now I call Breathe Easy whenever there is an issue with mould, no matter what.

-Sean H.

On Time and Efficient


Just to let you know that everything went great. The team was here on time and only took them about an hour to complete the job. They explained what they were going to do and then then after the job was done they explain what exactly they did. Took a look the completed job and everything is clean and tidy. Thanks again for the work you and your team did. They also mentioned that you could apply Air Miles for this job.

-Blaine P.

Immediate Health Improvements

For the longest time my family and I had been living in our home during our renovations. Over time we had noticed subtle changes in our health. My kids and my wife showed a loss of appetite, sleeping problems, and attitude changes. Our oldest daughter, after a period of about 5 months into our renovations, had developed chronic strep throat. We had gone to see the doctor on numerous occasions where he had prescribed antibiotics to her over and over again. She eventually took a blood test and we found that she actually had strep in her blood! We learned that this is extremely dangerous. At one point the doctor was so concerned that he had wanted to do antibiotics intravenously. At that point, enough was enough. We knew something serious was going on. The kids were getting sicker and my wife had constant headaches and trouble sleeping. I didn’t know what to do. Like magic, the Breathe Easy Eco Solutions brochure arrived in the mail and I called immediately. Patrick Carr, an angel by my standards, came to see us immediately. After hearing our story and inspecting our home, he knew exactly what was going on. When we had removed our old ceiling during our renovations, we disturbed some mould and we were breathing in spores regularly. Patrick and his wonderful eco friendly procedure took no time at all and was not only affordable, but it was also the cure. We started getting better within days of the treatment. And the doctor, when we went back to get blood work on my daughter, didn’t understand how she was better without the antibiotics. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions and Patrick had all the answers and not only did he help us and explain everything in serious detail he showed us better ways of even living!

-Michael, Shannon, Sarah, Thomas, Michelle and Alex

Duct Cleaning

Improve your indoor air quality with regular duct cleaning services.

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