We Do Mould Treatment in Manitoba and Beyond

Mould around the house can cause serious health concerns. Mould can be bad for your breathing, skin, eyes and more, and people with allergies and asthma are particularly susceptible. Whether or not you realize it, you likely have built-up mould in your home or business, and it could be having a negative impact on your health. If that’s the case, Breathe Easy Eco Solutions offers mould treatment in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario. Our mould treatment process is environmentally friendly and quick, typically taking no more than 4 to 6 hours from beginning to end. You won’t need to vacate the area for long, since you’ll be able to come back just a few hours after treatment is complete.

Our Mould Treatment Method

We use a 2-stage process for mould treatment:

  1. We pre-spray hotspots where mould is visually concentrated. This direct application of our product immediately kills the fungus and helps to stop spores from being released into the air. 
  2. We use industrial fogging machines to fill the air with a specific mixture of botanical enzymes and essential oils. While the spraying kills mould on contact, the additional fogging process allows our product to penetrate areas that might not otherwise be accessible. This kills the spores in the air and inhibits organic growth like mould without damaging your belongings. Depending on the situation, we might also use specific types of plant enzymes to neutralize other allergens and irritants such as pet dander, bacteria and dust mite faeces. 

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