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Your Partner for Commercial Asbestos Removal in Winnipeg


We are here for you if you suspect your property may contain asbestos. At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, we provide professional services for commercial asbestos removal in Winnipeg. Asbestos is widely used in the building and construction industry, following its potential for sound absorption, tensile strength, and chemical and thermal resistance. However, the harm caused by asbestos far exceeds any of its advantages. Exposure to asbestos fibres can cause substantial health risks, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Hence, it becomes crucial to eliminate contaminated materials from your building.


As an experienced remediation provider, we have the required equipment and personnel to handle the problem for you. So feel free to connect with us for safe restoration services.

Demolition Asbestos Survey

A Demolition-level asbestos Inventory is intrusive, allowing multiple layers of building materials to be assessed in normally inaccessible areas. In Winnipeg, a Demolition-level asbestos Inventory is a required supplementary document for a Demolition/Removal Permit Application Form if a building was constructed before 1990. 

Asbestos Abatement for Commercial Buildings

There is an enormous danger associated with commercial asbestos exposure and its removal. Inhaling asbestos is extremely harmful, especially for the occupants and employees who reside or work in the building containing asbestos. This can make workers susceptible to breathing air filled with asbestos fibres. Hence, it is essential to mitigate asbestos exposure that can otherwise cause intense harm to your workers. Opting for professional services regarding commercial asbestos removal in Winnipeg can give you peace of mind and eliminate health risks.


Asbestos contamination can be prevented with regular inspection and removal. Several laws and regulations are formulated to avoid asbestos exposure. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions follows safety guidelines the Federal Government and the Government of Manitoba laid out to keep you and our employees safe from harm.


Our dedicated team specializes in commercial asbestos removal, providing a comprehensive solution to this critical issue. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we employ a strategic process to detect and remove asbestos from your commercial property.


We understand the importance of maintaining indoor air quality. With our over-the-year expertise, we guarantee a thorough and effective removal process that not only protects your health but also safeguards the environment.


Asbestos removal requires professionals to follow a careful process to prevent health hazards and potential risks. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions provides a range of professional commercial asbestos services, so call us for safe and secure asbestos removal.

Importance of Commercial Asbestos Removal in Winnipeg

Commercial asbestos removal in Winnipeg is an important service offered by us. Here's why it's crucial - 


  • Health and safety
    Asbestos-containing materials release tiny asbestos fibres into the air when damaged or disturbed. Removing asbestos from commercial properties safeguards the health of employees and visitors.


  • Legal compliance
    In Canada, strict regulations govern the handling and removal of asbestos. Commercial property owners are legally obligated to ensure that certified professionals manage and remove asbestos-containing materials.


  • Long-term cost savings
    While asbestos removal may seem costly initially, it is a wise investment. It prevents future health-related costs and legal penalties.


  • Insurance and liability
    Insurance companies often require proof of asbestos removal before covering specific claims related to property damage or health issues. Failure to remove asbestos can lead to increased insurance premiums and financial liability.


  • Environmental responsibility
    Ethical and responsible businesses prioritize environmental sustainability. Asbestos, if not handled carefully, poses risks to the environment. 


Hiring us for commercial asbestos removal in Winnipeg ensures peace of mind. Our years of expertise and expert professionals will conduct thorough inspections, provide clear removal plans, and handle the process with the utmost care and expertise. Contact us today for commercial asbestos removal services.

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Our trained professionals will ensure the effective detection and safe removal of asbestos from your commercial property.

Asbestos Testing Services

 For buildings that are much older constructions, our trained experts can help test for asbestos.

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