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Everyone is familiar with the hazards of outdoor air pollution, but sometimes we forget that our indoor air can also become contaminated. Built-up mould, asbestos, fungus, bacteria, mildew and more can all be released into the air and can result in long-term adverse health impacts. At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions based in Winnipeg, our top priority is making sure that your indoor air is clean, which is why we use environmentally friendly products that are free of harsh chemicals. We’re based in Winnipeg and offer free inspections, residential mould testing services and quotes for local clients in Winnipeg seeking mould and asbestos treatment. Give us a call or fill out the form on this page and we will respond promptly.


Signs That You May Have Mould at Your Homes

Mould is a type of fungus that may grow indoors and outdoors in damp, warm, and humid environments. You may find the most common type of mould accumulation in and around your bathrooms, basements, laundry room, ceiling tiles, carpets, under sinks and around plumbing pipes as well. Our experts have come up with a basic mould indication list which can help you locate any possible mould accumulation signs in your homes:


  • Mould odour: most moulds produce a persistent musty odour, which is indicative of mould accumulation.


  • Visible mould growth: you may find a cluster of small black, gray-green, gray-brown or even white thread-like structures suggestive of moulds.


  • Signs of water damage: long-term moisture can also lead to mould growth. You can locate signs of wall discolouration, bubbling or cracking for water damage.


  • Water leaks: It is another channel for mould growth which may not be visible to you due to its origin behind the walls. You should repair it as soon as you identify a leak.


  • Past flooding: if your home has been exposed to flooding incidents in the past, it can have direct consequences that can lead to mould formation.


Mould accumulation not only affects your residential property, it also takes a toll on your health that can result in severe health issues. You should call for professional help as soon as you locate any of the above from the list. If you require residential mould testing in your Winnipeg homes, get in touch with us. You can call us or fill in the eform below. We look forward to assisting you.

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Sunday-Evening Mould Elimination

Thank you for the immediate help with eliminating the mould problem at my property at Kildare Avenue West. My house smells so much better now that it has had a treatment. I had rented out the house and did not want the tenants to move in if there was a mould problem. I appreciate the fact that you came on a Sunday evening to fumigate the house in order for it to be ready and safe for the new renters.


On Time and Efficient


Just to let you know that everything went great. The team was here on time and only took them about an hour to complete the job. They explained what they were going to do and then then after the job was done they explain what exactly they did. Took a look the completed job and everything is clean and tidy. Thanks again for the work you and your team did. They also mentioned that you could apply Air Miles for this job.

-Blaine P.

Friendly and Helpful

My wife and I found Breathe Easy a joy to deal with. From our first contact with the office through the completion of the work the staff was friendly and helpful. A no obligation inspection started the process and from there we were presented with options without any pressure to opt for a complex/expensive solution. In the end the solution was simple and the job was small but there was no change in the attitude of the staff or the high-quality nature of the customer service. 

We wouldn't hesitate to call again if need be.

-Mitch & Arlene

A Pleasure to Deal With

It was a pleasure dealing with Breathe Easy staff and we are very happy with the job you did!

-Brenda and Bill

Healthier Thanks to Us

Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys, my dad’s skin rash is clearing up already, my mom is coughing less. and I don't wake up with crusty eyes anymore. Breathing easy thanks to you guys.


Breathe Easy Eco Solutions

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