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Professional Commercial Mould Remediation Services


Offices, schools, churches, community centres, shopping complexes and all the other types of buildings can be affected by mould growth. Within the indoor environment, especially in spaces that are prone to water leakage, poor ventilation and high humidity, the growth and persistence of mould are common. A mould infestation can pose health risks as well as cause damage to your property. Fortunately, with the timely removal of mould, you can save yourself all the trouble and considerable money protecting your investment.


Breathe Easy Eco Solutions offers eco-friendly mould killer services. When it comes to handling the mould menace, our experience and expertise count. With a team of trained mould removal professionals and natural mould removal methods involving botanical enzymes and essential oils, we effectively eliminate the contaminants. Give your employees, visitors, clients and customers a safe and healthy workspace, and boost the indoor air quality with our proprietary mould killing product in Winnipeg.


Get in touch with us if you suspect mould in your building. We provide both mould testing and mould removal in Winnipeg. 

How Long Can Mould Go Untreated in Buildings?

If your building has experienced a flood, fire or leakage, the risk of mould growth can be high. Although you can limit the growth of mould indoors by ensuring a dry atmosphere as well as regular cleaning and maintenance, the existing mould will never go away on its own. Rather, upon the slightest exposure to humidity or moisture, the mould can multiply rapidly and pose a higher risk.


To reverse fungal growth, professional mould treatment is highly recommended. Do not wait for the spores to spread in the air and worsen the mould infestation. Call the mould removal experts at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions today!

Common Areas Mould Can Be Found in Buildings

The presence of moisture triggers fungal growth in indoor spaces. That’s why you can expect to find mould growing where the air and surfaces remain damp or soggy. Some common areas for mould growth include:

Areas surrounding roof leaks
Nearby gutters that drain water into the buildings
Spaces around unvented combustion devices
Basements and other poorly ventilated areas
Walls made of drywall or sheetrock
Materials like wood, jute, wallpaper and cardboard

As soon as you notice surfaces getting mouldy, talk to a mould removal expert. However, it is also important to note that not all types of moulds are visible, but they can be as hazardous as the visible ones. Hence, if your commercial building is prone to mould growth, regular mould testing is advisable.

The Damage Caused by Mould

Did you know that the structural components of your commercial property might be at risk due to mould infestation? As long as moisture is available, moulds can grow on any organic material. During the process, the organic matter is digested by fungal growth. The digestion and breakdown of the organic components damage the building structure.


Since the spores from the mould can spread easily, the fungal growth ends up affecting walls, insulation, carpets and more, if proper precautions are not taken. Get rid of mould and protect your commercial building from costly damage with our proprietary mould-killing product in Winnipeg. To improve the safety of your buildings, Breathe Easy Eco Solutions also provides asbestos removal services.

The Cost of Commercial Mould Killer Services in Winnipeg

As mould removal professionals, Breathe Easy Eco Solutions carries out remediation in different types of commercial buildings. Each building has unique features, and the extent of mould growth also varies extensively across every property. Subsequently, the cost of mould removal also varies.


However, you can always count on our inspection service to get an accurate quote. Our team can visit your commercial property and take into account different factors to reach an accurate, no-obligation estimate. Rest assured, our proprietary mould-killing product and service in Winnipeg is competitively priced and offers the perfect solution whether you own a shopping complex, a school, or a warehouse.

Is Your Commercial Property Safe From Asbestos?

Rely on our asbestos detection and remediation services for assured asbestos abatement, and safer working space.

Book an Inspection by Experts

If you are considering mould removal, our experts can offer accurate quotes followed by an inspection.

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