About Breathe Easy Eco Solutions: An Environmentally Friendly Company

Any exposure to harmful chemicals can be a hazard. Don’t hire a company that uses toxic chemicals to clean mould, since those chemicals can cause your health to become even worse! Breathe Easy Eco Solutions is a Winnipeg-based company that is committed to using natural mould-killing methods that are completely effective and not harmful to your wellbeing. Our clients include nursing homes, schools, day cares, and government buildings. We've successfully treated grow-ops, commercial buildings, apartments, and, of course, thousands of residential homes in nearly two decades of operation. Our product is completely effective and safe for you, your family, your pets, your plants, and the environment. We developed this proprietary biodegradable, sustainable and biologically sourced product, to ensure that our clients, our technicians and our ecosystem aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals. It is 100% effective on mould and we guarantee it! We specialize in mould, and we know the environments and conditions that cause it. We can identify mould, locate its source and remediate the issue.

Many buildings built or renovated before 1980 were built with asbestos-containing materials. As part of our commitment to improving your indoor air quality, Breathe Easy Eco Solutions can identify and safely remove these materials using state-of the-art equipment and following the regulations and safety guidelines laid out by the Federal Government and the Government of Manitoba. Asbestos-containing materials are normally quite safe if they are left undisturbed, but an increasing number of reputable companies will not touch materials that are likely to contain asbestos until these materials have been tested. A company that looks out for your personal safety and the safety of their workers is the type of company that you want working for you. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions is fully certified to deal with asbestos issues. We are properly insured, registered with Workers Compensation, and we provide ongoing training for our workers. We do not operate using a PO Box or a Virtual Office downtown. Don't settle for anything less.

Since many of the homes that we have inspected for mould in the past also contained asbestos, removal of the contaminated material needed to be done according to Federal and Provincial laws. Asbestos is a tricky problem to address properly and the health effects due to improper techniques are not felt for many years. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions added this service to ensure that our generation and the future generation are not impacted by the well-known lung problems that can arise when asbestos removal is not performed using proper precautions.

Our Mission

Breathe Easy Eco Solutions will provide safe, effective, eco-friendly mould remediation and asbestos removal services to homes and businesses using skilled and well-trained technicians.

Our Values

The team at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions will promote and follow environmentally-sound practices throughout our daily lives.

Our Vision

Breathe Easy Eco Solutions wants to become the leader in the treatment of mould using all-natural substances.

Our Commitment

Breathe Easy Eco Solutions will properly identify asbestos and mouldy materials and safely remove them when necessary, following the regulations and safety guidelines laid out by the Federal Government and the Government of Manitoba and ensuring that the Indoor Air Quality is never compromised by our activities.

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