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Eco-friendly Remediation Performed by Certified Technicians

When either mould or asbestos is disturbed in your indoor air environment, harmful particles are released that can create serious health problems. Removal of the contaminated materials must be done in a way that does not pose a risk to your family or others who may be present. Once removed, these materials must be safely disposed of in an approved landfill or facility.


At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, the well-being of the environment and our clients is our priority. That’s why we exclusively use products and treatment methods that are healthy for both you and the environment while removing harmful mould, allergens, pathogens, and more. While many of our competitors use harsh chemicals to treat mould growth in your indoor spaces, we never depend on them. When you hire us for our mould killing services in Winnipeg, we prepare an eco-friendly product mix specifically customized for your job. It is guaranteed to be completely effective on mould and is based on a precise mixture of food-grade essential oils and botanical enzymes that come from sustainable sources.

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See What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!

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Courteous and Very Helpful

We had Mark come out to our home to do an inspection. He gave us an honest evaluation and solution to our problem. He was knowledgeable and courteous and very helpful. We would highly recommend their services to others!

- John & Sue


Why We Are Different

At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, we work diligently to provide an effective and efficient mould and asbestos remediation service; while at the same time preserving the natural environment and ecosystem from chemical contamination. Our product was developed specifically to kill mould in grow-ops in the very eco-conscious Kootenay area of British Columbia. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions has been headquartered in Winnipeg for nearly a decade now. We currently travel across the province of Manitoba, removing and treating these hazardous materials. While our focus has historically been on residential remediation, more and more commercial businesses are asking us for help in resolving both mould and asbestos issues. As a result, we have decided to expand the commercial side of our business in 2021 and have subsequently joined the WCA so that we can reach out to those businesses who are not yet fully aware of the danger when these contaminants are present.

Any exposure to harmful chemicals can be a hazard. Don’t hire a company that uses toxic chemicals to clean mould, since those chemicals can cause your health to worsen! Breathe Easy Eco Solutions is a Winnipeg-based company that is committed to using natural mould-killing methods that are completely effective and not harmful to your well-being. Our clients include nursing homes, schools, daycares, and government buildings. We've successfully treated grow-ops, commercial buildings, apartments, and, of course, thousands of residential homes in nearly two decades of operation.


100% Effective Remediation

From sleeping to working to relaxing with family, now more than ever before, Canadians are spending a large amount of time at home. It's vital to ensure that you're not breathing in contaminants like mould or hazardous substances like asbestos when you're indoors. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions offers expert services for the detection and remediation of mould and asbestos. Our natural mould-killing methods allow us to deliver quick and effective mould eradication in an eco-friendly way. 


If you've been experiencing allergic reactions or have a stuffy nose or a cough, it could result from exposure to contaminants that affect your indoor air quality. Choose Breathe Easy Eco Solutions for an assessment of your indoor property and let our professionals get rid of the irritants with the highest degree of safety. 

We serve residential and commercial properties throughout Manitoba, Northwest Ontario and Saskatchewan.

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Our Mission

Breathe Easy Eco Solutions will provide safe, effective, eco-friendly mould remediation and asbestos removal services to homes and businesses using skilled and well-trained technicians.

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We will visit your property, generate a report and provide a no-obligation quote for any work that may be required.

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