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Residential Mould Removal

By Trained Professionals


Winnipeg’s Eco-FRIENDLY Mould Removal Services!

Mould around the house can cause serious health concerns. Mould can be bad for your breathing, skin, eyes and more, and people with allergies and asthma are particularly susceptible. Whether or not you realize it, you likely have built-up mould in your home, and it could be having a negative impact on your health. If that’s the case, Breathe Easy Eco Solutions offers mould remediation services in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario. Our mould treatment process is environmentally friendly and quick, typically taking no more than 4 to 6 hours from beginning to end. You won’t need to vacate the area for long since you’ll be able to come back just a few hours after treatment is complete. Contact us for more information about our mould removal services or to schedule an appointment.


Environmentally Friendly Mould Treatment

At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, our specialized mould treatment formula is uniquely brewed in-house. Not only is our formula an eco-friendly blend that’s gentle on the environment, but it kills mould, effectively stopping the spread and preventing regrowth in your home.

During our mould remediation treatment, we use a chemical-free product that kills 100% of mould, bacteria, and viruses (provided we can complete the recommended work) while using a blend of 11 essential oils and botanical enzymes that break down and dissolve the mould naturally. Unlike other treatments on the market, our in-house mould removal treatment is carcinogen-free and non-toxic and doesn’t irritate the skin. Our formula does not contain any added chemicals that can linger and potentially cause respiratory concerns for sensitive individuals.

The generic meaning of “eco-friendly” is “not causing harm to the ecosystem”. What distinguishes us from other companies is not only our commitment to the environment but also our outstanding customer service and the versatility and sustainability of our product. The base of our product is considered a hospital-grade disinfectant and has been proven to kill mould very successfully.


When we say we want you to breathe easy, we mean it! Want to learn more? Feel free to check out our safety data sheet.

Steps Involved in Mould Removal

We use a 2-stage process for mould treatment:

  1. Spraying. We pre-spray hotspots where mould is visually concentrated. This direct application of our product immediately kills the mould and helps to stop spores from being released into the air.

  2. Fogging. We use industrial fogging machines to fill the air with a specific mixture of botanical enzymes and essential oils. While the spraying kills mould on contact, the additional fogging process allows our product to penetrate areas that might not otherwise be accessible. This kills the spores in the air and inhibits mould growth without damaging your belongings. Depending on the situation, we might also use specific types of plant enzymes to neutralize other allergens and irritants such as pet dander, bacteria and dust mite feces.

Renovations & Residential Demolition

Ready to get started? If you’re planning on renovating your home, be sure to ask us about our demolition services for residential spaces. Don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Easy Eco Solutions.

Common Places We Find Mould

At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, our teams have a lot of experience and expertise in finding, treating and removing mould from homes. Mould will often grow in areas that contain a lot of moisture or in areas where extensive water damage from burst pipes or natural floods occurred. These are some of the most common areas we find mould:

  • Bathrooms – sinks, showers, tubs, in the tiles.

  • Kitchens – behind the fridge, under the stove, under the sinks.

  • Basements – near windows, sump pumps, pipes and ducting.

  • Attics – near the roof, inside insulation, materials.

  • Bedrooms – around windows and vents.

Realistically, under the right conditions, any room in your home could fall victim to the spread of mould.


The most common places to find mould are:

Window frames
Wallpaper or painted walls

Ventilation systems

Cabinets and furniture
Drywall and subflooring
Wet walls
Water-damaged mattresses

What Are Mould Spores?

Where there is moisture, mould can grow. Mould can begin growth and reproduction in less than 48 hours where moisture is excessive and thrives both in cold temperatures and in warm environments.

Mould easily grows in dark and damp corners. Since mould is a fungus, it creates spores to reproduce. The spores are invisible to the naked eye and float through outdoor and indoor air. Mould may begin growing indoors when mould spores land on surfaces that are wet. Mould like shaded areas because ultraviolet hinders the growth of the fungus, rendering them unable to reproduce in areas often lit by the sun.

Mould is a health hazard. Spores can be inhaled by humans, even pets. When the spores get deep enough inside the lungs, the spores can cause respiratory problems. Mould spores are allergens that aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Inhaling high concentrations of these spores can be harmful to someone, which is why mould removal is important.

Benefits of Professional Mould Removal

Are you thinking of removing mould by yourself? Cleaning mould is not enough to eliminate its harmful effects because, even when moulds are gone, they can still produce toxic spores. Moulds must be removed entirely. If not removed, the spores can cause severe damage to your health and your home. You need a professional to get rid of the biological contaminants so that the mould won’t grow back. Here are the benefits that come with hiring the services of a professional for mould removal and remediation:

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Prevents health risks of mould exposure

  • Eliminates musty odors

  • Reduces the risks of structural damage to your home

  • Saves on renovation costs

  • Increases your home’s value

Removing mould as soon as possible from your home is a wise decision. Better be safe than sorry later on. If you notice mould inside your house, you should contact Breathe Easy Eco Solutions immediately. Keep your home safe for you and your pets. If you ignore the mould problem, in the long run your house and your health will suffer massive damage.

We’ll ensure that the colonies of mould in your house are taken care of, even in places where they’re not distinguishable. If you’re looking for mould removal services in Winnipeg, you’re in the right place! Get in touch with Breathe Easy Eco Solutions and we’ll take care of your mould problems safely and professionally.

Call Us Today!

Exposure to mould is dangerous as mould produces toxic substances that can cause allergic reactions or dangerous health conditions in your body. Hiring our professionals can help you avoid potential health problems and prevent mould from growing.

If you are confused about whether to seek expert help or not, talk to us. We can pay you a visit, and help you determine if you need mould testing or air quality testing. 


Contact us for mould removal services in Winnipeg today.

Commercial Mould Removal

Professional Garage Mould Removal Services


Are your garage walls home to harmful mould? If so, call Breathe Easy Eco Solutions today. Our professional team offers mould remediation services for clients across Manitoba, Northwest Ontario and Saskatchewan. Mould in your garage can be especially harmful to you and your family if the garage is connected to your home. Each time you open the door, mould enters the home and could be breathed in by your loved ones. Our team will help get rid of the problem and make the air in your garage and home healthier. For professional garage mould removal in Winnipeg, count on Breathe Easy Eco Solutions

The Answer is Easy: Breathe Easy!

Mould in an uninsulated garage forms as a result of moisture condensing on very cold walls during the winter. The moisture often comes from the accumulated snow and ice on your vehicle. The nearly airtight conditions in most newly-built garages ensure that this moisture is not vented, and as the air inside the garage cools, it releases its moisture onto uninsulated walls. 


Our unique process will ensure that the existing problem is completely resolved and that you will never have a moisture problem in your garage again. Years of experience and research have made Breathe Easy Eco Solutions the industry leader in solving residential mould problems. When you need garage mould removal in Winnipeg, call us for help. Browse through our testimonials section to learn what our clients have to say about our services. Call us today for an inspection.

Preventing Mould Growth

If you want to keep mould out of your precious home, the best way to do that is by:

  • Controlling moisture

  • Fixing leaks

  • Limiting condensation

  • Keeping a moderate temperature

  • Regularly drying wet or damp areas

FAQ about Garage Mould Removal

  • Can mould be found in a brand new house?
    There are 2 main reasons why you found mould behind the insulation in a new house and both are related to the Building Code. First, the Code requires that the basement be insulated prior to the new homeowner taking possession of the house. Oftentimes this means that the concrete foundation may be dry, but it is not cured and still may contain significant moisture that will evaporate into the open space between the foundation walls and the insulation. The insulation and vapour barrier makes it difficult for this moisture to disperse into the basement air, so there it sits. Any mould spores present find it much to their liking, and growth occurs. The second issue is that it is quite difficult to seal the air-vapour barrier in the floor joist header area. The Code does not specify how this should be done, so builders sometimes staple or do not even seal the vapour barrier at all. This leaves gaps in the vapour barrier where warm moist air from the basement can make its way through to the cold foundation walls and condense. Again, this provides a very suitable environment for mould growth. Most of the time, The Code is your friend, but not in this case, as you have discovered. The solution to your issue is to remove the vapour barrier and the existing insulation. This should be done by professionals if there is more than just a little mould. The basement should be sprayed with an eco-friendly anti-mould agent and then completely dried out using a good dehumidifier. Then new, mould-resistant insulation must be installed. Please do not use the old insulation as it has been corrupted with mould spores. Finally, an intact and properly sealed vapour barrier is a must to avoid future problems.
  • How to choose the right mould remediation company?
    Thank you for your question. Most so-called “mould remediation” companies do not specialize in mould. If you look at their websites, you can see they do all sorts of remediation and restorations. From smoke and fire to floods and leaky basements, they do it all. They do air quality, they build rec rooms, they restore paintings. One local fellow owns a home inspection service. He inspects homes for leaky windows, he inspects fireplaces, he investigates roofs and eavestroughs, and everything else… and guess what? He even detects mould as part of his overall “home inspection.” He also owns a number of individual businesses. He repairs windows. He services fireplaces. He replaces roofs and eavestroughs. Oh, and he remediates mould! Each of his businesses has its own name and website. What an expert he must be! Find a company that specializes in mould remediation. They should detect, kill and remove mould period, and they should have been in business for at least 5 years. Those are the true mould experts. The certification process is wide open and generally meaningless in Canada, so make sure they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. Never hire a guy with a hand-lettered sign and no business cards, and avoid any company who tells you that you need their service beyond remediating mould.
  • What ingredients are included in our proprietary treatment product?
    That’s a great question! Please find all the details you need in our Material Safety Data Sheet.

Regulations on Mould Removal in Winnipeg

As a part of Manitoba, Winnipeg follows provincial guidelines and regulations concerning mould removal and remediation. The City of Winnipeg also considers mould issues within the broader context of building codes, health regulations, and environmental standards. Here are some important points to consider regarding mould removal regulations in Winnipeg:


  • Provincial Guidelines: Winnipeg's regulations on mould removal align with Manitoba's guidelines for indoor air quality and mould assessment. The province may have specific recommendations for acceptable mould levels and the steps required for mould assessment and remediation.

  • Health and Safety Standards: Winnipeg, like other regions in Manitoba, emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy indoor air quality to protect the wellbeing of residents. Health authorities may provide information on the health risks associated with mould exposure and the recommended practices for safe removal.

  • Building Codes: While building codes in Winnipeg may not have specific provisions solely dedicated to mould removal, they typically address issues related to ventilation, moisture control, and construction practices that can help prevent mould growth in buildings.

  • Licensed and Certified Professionals: Mould removal and remediation companies in Winnipeg are expected to adhere to provincial guidelines and should employ trained and certified professionals for mould assessment and removal tasks.

  • Reporting Requirements: In cases where mould issues are identified in public or commercial buildings, there may be reporting requirements to the local health or building authorities to ensure public safety.

  • Insurance Coverage: Insurance policies in Winnipeg may vary in their coverage of mould removal and damage caused by mould growth. Property owners and occupants should review their insurance policies to understand the extent of coverage and any specific requirements for caims related to mould damage.

  • Landlord-tenant Responsibilities: For rental properties, both landlords and tenants have certain responsibilities regarding mould issues. Landlords are generally responsible for maintaining safe living conditions and promptly addressing any mould problems. Tenants are responsible for promptly reporting mould issues and ensuring proper ventilation and cleanliness to prevent mould growth.

If you suspect mould growth in your Winnipeg property, it is essential to take swift action to prevent further damage and potential health risks. Hiring a reputable and experienced mould removal company like Breathe Easy Eco Solutions that follows provincial guidelines is mould and asbestos removal is crucial to ensure proper assessment, safe removal, and prevention of mould regrowth. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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