Certified Mould Testing for Homes and Offices

Even if you don’t see any visible mould in your home or business, you may still have harmful mould contaminating your property and the air you’re breathing. To find out for sure, the first step is to call the experts at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions for a free mould inspection. We can often find a mould source that you may have missed. If you do have visible mould in your property, we don’t recommend a mould air test, since the results are bound to be positive. In these cases, it’s better to treat and remove the mould rather than test the air. However, in certain circumstances, an air test may be required, and our certified testing experts are happy to help. Our mould air test and inspection is followed by a report from a professional lab and our expert interpretation of the results. Count on our team for prompt services when in need of mould and asbestos testing in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

We follow an environment-friendly approach to complete abatement and remediation tasks. You can rely on us for services like garage mould removal and asbestos insulation removal. To ensure your safety, we follow guidelines specified by the Government of Manitoba and the Federal Government.

The Importance of a Control Sample

When performing indoor mould testing, we also take a control sample to determine the level of outdoor mould. Although not all companies take the time to take a control sample (particularly in winter conditions), we almost always do, due to the many environmental factors that can have an impact on your mould reading. There is no legal guideline for how much mould is too much in an indoor environment, but a general goal is to have the indoor and outdoor levels very close to equal.


Our cost for mould air testing is $399 plus GST within Winnipeg and $499 plus GST outside the city for up to 3 samples (including the control sample). This includes lab fees and professional analysis. Additional samples can be taken for $70 per sample, and a nominal mileage fee may apply to clients outside the City of Winnipeg.

Asbestos Testing: We Can Identify Asbestos

Asbestos was commonly used in buildings during the 20th century before becoming restricted and phased out due to the many serious health concerns associated with its inhalation. If you live or work in a building with materials dating back to the 1980s or earlier, you likely have asbestos in your property. At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, we offer bulk asbestos testing of suspect materials and can help you identify asbestos material that may pose a danger to anyone breathing the air. It can be difficult to identify asbestos, and the material is generally considered safe if it’s securely enclosed and in good condition. In such cases, it should be left alone. If you are considering renovations or construction, however, it’s important to speak with an asbestos professional prior to starting the work.

Common Places Where We Find Asbestos

Where can we find asbestos? We can test some of the most common places for asbestos, including:

  • Vermiculite attic insulation (particularly Zonolite) Please note that nobody can visually confirm that vermiculite does or does not contain asbestos.
  • Vinyl flooring and the adhesive used to hold it down
  • Tiles (including both floor and ceiling tiles)
  • Paper products around ductwork and floor registers
  • Insulation around piping, furnaces and wood burning stoves
  • Soundproofing and decorative materials sprayed onto walls and ceilings
  • Patching and joint compounds
  • Textured paints (like spackle and stipple)
  • Roofing materials

For immediate asbestos testing services in Winnipeg, look no further than Breathe Easy Eco Solutions. Our tests include sampling physical pieces of material that we believe may contain asbestos, and air testing for asbestos fibres. Contact us today in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

It’s important to get your ducts cleaned after mould remediation as there could be mould particles remaining in the ducts. Breathe Easy offers Premium Duct Cleaning services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. 

See What Our Customers Have to Say about Us!

Massive Health Improvements

Must thought I'd send an email your way to tell you how much better I am doing. My immune system is stronger. For example, we were at my daughter's place in Meadow Lake, SK. - my son-in-law had a nasty URTI and was off work for several days, my daughter had an eye infection, my granddaughter had a bit of a cold, Merv got a touch of it - and I caught nothing! Amazing eh! I don't have brain fog like before. I don't feel a heaviness of mood - I'm more like my cheerful self. My stomach sensitivity has lessened. My sinuses aren't nearly as painful. And, yes, I am sleeping better - probably 4 - 6 hours/night. I got 4 I.V.'s of hydrogen peroxide. I've changed a few other things to my regimen but I attribute a huge amount of my healing to the discovery and eradication of the mould in our home.

I will be returning to work on a gradual basis beginning with two afternoons/week probably the beginning of July. I meet with my employer and LTD insurance rep tomorrow. I am so very thankful.

Merv is still drinking the smoothies you recommended. (My stomach can't quite handle them yet) He is doing well.

Thank you so much for your compassionate care, knowledge, expertise and professional service. Thanks also for the certificate we received lately. I cannot thank you enough. I wish you much success with your business.

-Lorene and Merv P.

Speedy and Courteous Service

We were very happy with the speedy and courteous service offered to us! Steve and his guys worked quickly and efficiently, completed the job properly and gave us recommendations for the future. We were given a quote beforehand, and paid exactly the amount stated on the quote! We hope to never have mold issues in the future, but for any other home care services we need, we will definitely be giving these guys a call :)

Rating by Criteria
Timeliness = 5
Cleanliness = 5
Budget = 5
Quality = 5
Communication = 5
Courteous = 5

Overall Rating = 5/5

-Casey S.

Prompt and Thorough

Thank you to Breathe Easy Eco Solutions for dealing with our minor mould problem. We wanted to make sure it was not part of a bigger problem and Mark gave us a thorough assessment and delivered prompt treatment.

One small outstanding issue remained after the first visit but Breathe Easy quickly arranged a make-up appointment to deal with it free of charge and we were more than satisfied with Jayson's response.
Thanks to their diligent and prompt attention to our concerns they've made regular customers of us.
Rating by Criteria
Timeliness = 5
Budget = 5
Quality = 5
Communication = 5
Courteous = 5
Overall Rating = 5/5

-Dennis H., February 6, 2017

Healthy for the Whole Family

Last fall my husband and I wanted to get all the carpets and furnishings in our home steam cleaned. Our seven month old son was crawling a lot and we didn’t want to subject him to whatever might be in the carpets. It was after thinking about the carpet needing cleaning that my son actually developed a rash on his stomach. The condition worsened so we went to the doctor and he prescribed an antibiotic. It didn’t work at all, and then my son started having terrible sleeps and became very hyper active and was having major fits. We did some research about carpeting and what could be the cause of our son’s change in behavior. It turned out that carpets harbor many viruses, bacteria and mould spores, not to mention a variety of other things. That day I heard on the radio about a company called Breathe Easy Eco Solutions and how they treat all indoor air pollutants. I called and we set up an appointment for the following day. I was amazed at the thorough process and specialized equipment they had. This was not an ordinary cleaning company. It turned out to be quite the bargain. Not only did I get all the carpets and upholstery cleaned but the whole home was treated for any kind of mould, spores, bacteria and viruses. And with so much information on eco friendly cleaning and Patrick’s thorough explanation I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders that I didn't know I had. This young man who taught me so much in such little time treated me with the greatest respect and obviously had the welfare of my new family in mind. This company is second to none for indoor air quality remediation and information regarding it.

-The Murphys

Fresher, Lighter Air

Good morning, 

We spoke on the phone thursday and my husband Adam came in yesterday and purchased a dehumidifier and an air purifier. In just 12 hours I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in the air quality in my home. The air feels fresh and lighter. I am so grateful for all your help.

It’s hard to narrow down what the culprit was/is in our home. We have carpets upstairs, 2 cats, we use HEPA filter vacuums (dyson & hoover), I find we have a lot of dust in our home as well. Some background info on myself...I have had allergy testing several years ago and i was labelled as sensitive to all allergens. I was always sick as a kid (I’m 30 now with a 4 year old and a 7 month old) I also have autoimmune conditions, a milk protein allergy and asthma.

The humidity was reading at 50% when I initially plugged in the dehumidifier. Although it was a beautiful day outside, let’s see what happens if and when the temperature drops. I have occasionally been turning on the HVAC and switching the furnace from auto to on...

Thank you for everything you have done for our family thus far! If I ever have any questions I will definitely give you a call. Have a wonderful day and once again thank you.

-Tracey B

Mould and Asbestos Testing

We offer mould and asbestos testing in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

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