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Prevent Mould from Returning in Your Home - Recommendations from a Specialist

mould removal expert inspecting a ceiling in winnipeg

Are you sick of mould popping up around the house? Do you wish you could get rid of it once and for all? If you are interested in learning how to prevent mould from reappearing in your home, check out our recommendations from one of our mould removal specialists.

What Is Mould?

Any fungus that grows on damp building materials or food can fall under the common term, mould. Often it looks like a stain and can show up in several different colours. You may smell a musty odour as an indication. Mould can contribute to poor air quality and health problems. Mould can grow in any moist area of your home. These areas could be wet due to flooding, water leaks, or high humidity caused by showering or cooking. It can grow on fabrics, paper, wood, insulation, and drywall. It can even hide above your ceiling tiles or inside walls.

How to Prevent Mould

Mould loves moisture. To prevent moisture accumulation, it’s important to keep a steady airflow in the home and dehumidify problem areas. Good ventilation, or airflow between the inside and outside, is essential in these problem areas. Bathrooms Use an exhaust fan when showering and for 30 minutes afterwards (fan timers help) to reduce the amount of humidity and dampness that can accumulate. Mop up any sitting water on the floor and squeegee glass shower doors. Re-caulk as needed, use bleach, and your wash towels and tub mat regularly. Kitchens After removing mould, know how to prevent it from re-occurring in the kitchen. Wipe up any damp spots right away. Use your exhaust fan while cooking and for a few minutes afterwards. Clean up any food or liquids left over from cooking or eating. Check under your sink regularly for any leaks or dampness. Basements Prevent mould in your basement by cleaning out old clutter and cardboard boxes. Mould loves to grow on paper, especially if there's nothing to eliminate the humidity. Invest in a couple of dehumidifiers and use fans throughout the house. Use a hygrometer and aim for 50% humidity in the summer, and 30% when the weather is colder. General Areas Look for damp spots around windowsills and open your windows in dry weather. Clean up any dampness brought on by rain if you forgot to close the window before a downpour. Regularly clean any appliances that hold water. This includes tubs, sink basins, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners. It would be ironic (and a lot of wasted electricity) if your dehumidifier was causing mould growth in your home.

Keep Mould Out for Good – Call Breathe Easy Eco Solutions

Breathe Easy Eco Solutions provides eco-friendly mould treatment services. We will remove and prevent mould from coming in your home. Our process usually takes under 4 to 6 hours, from start to finish. You won’t need to leave the area for long. Return just a few hours after completion of the treatment. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you!

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