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How to Identify Black Mould vs Mildew

a woman looking up at the corner of a ceiling and wall that has black mould or mildew spreading

Extended exposure to mould or mildew can have serious effects on your overall health and wellness. Issues like allergy symptoms or difficulty breathing start popping up and make it difficult to keep up with daily tasks.

The best thing you can do is handle mould removal as quickly and efficiently as possible. That means you'll need to know exactly what you're dealing with so you can use the best methods. Identifying what is growing in your home can be a difficult task since they all are very similar. Understanding the difference between black mould vs mildew will help you take the best course of action moving forward. This guide explains all the details you need to know!

Mildew Signs

Mildew grows in damp areas that never quite dry out all of the way. It generally appears white, orange, or red and grows flat on the affected surface instead of raised up. Mildew can often be found in the bathroom shower or tub.

Black Mould Signs

Black mould, on the other hand, always appears darker in colour than mildew. It also piles up and doesn't stay flat on the surface. Sometimes it will appear slimy, while other times, it will be fuzzier. Stachybotrys, often refers to “Black Mould” tends to grow in more hidden areas that never dry out properly. Other types of mould can grow seasonally when exposed to moisture and can go dormant during drier times. Mould removal is generally pretty similar to the steps you'd take for mildew, completely cleaning the affected area and removing all spores, so nothing continues to grow. The difficulty in treatment greatly increases if mould growth happens on porous surfaces like drywall and wood as opposed to non-porous surfaces such as plastic and metal. Mould can have more serious health side effects, so it's a good idea to call in professional mould removal services.

Preventative Steps

Following the recommended mould removal tips or hiring a professional team to come in will help you eliminate these issues from your home quickly, without affecting your indoor air quality, that often occurs when improperly remediated. But it's helpful to do your best to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. The most important thing you can do to deter this type of fungal growth is to keep everything as clean and dry as possible. Regular cleaning and inspection of areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and basement will help you avoid massive mould growth. Controlling the relative humidity and air circulation in your home is very important to inhibit condensation that leads to mould growth.

Everything You Need to Know About Black Mold vs Mildew

Unfortunately, mould and mildew are a regular part of many people's lives because they grow in so many different places. But you can minimize their effects and damage by taking care of the issue as fast as you find it. Once you understand mould or mildew, and where it grows, you'll be able to manage these problems in your home very well. Instead of wondering what you have going on and how to treat it, you'll have the foundation to know exactly what you need to do moving forward. That plan should include calling in the professionals to make sure every spore is taken care of. Our team does a great job securing our home and cleaning all the mould out completely. If you're struggling with mould, contact us at Breathe Easy Eco Solutions today!



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