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Treating and Preventing Mould in the Garage

Checking mould problem on the garage wall by magnifying glass

Nobody likes mould growth in their buildings. Aside from the smell, mould spoils the aesthetics of your house and weakens its structure. Don’t be scared if you open your garage after a cold winter and find grey-black spots or patches. Spring brings ideal conditions to stimulate mould development. Understanding the reasons for its growth can help you manage mould effectively. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions offers a complete environment-friendly solution for your garage mould in Winnipeg. 100% effective! Guaranteed!

What is Mould?

The term mould is commonly used to describe a downy or furry growth on a surface or organic matter. Mould is a type of fungi and usually develops in the presence of moisture and cellulose material. It thrives in warm temperatures, moisture and oxygen, causing biodegradation of the material on which it grows. For example, if it’s growing on your damp walls, the walls will become weak. Growth is rapid and before long, you will find the mould has spread to other parts of the building. Mould spores cling to clothing or spread through the air movement. They attach themselves to a site which offers adequate conditions to promote their growth. Mould spores are extremely hardy and can survive extreme temperature fluctuations. Harmful Effects of Mould Infestation

It’s unsafe to stay in buildings with high mould levels because they produce toxic compounds which pollute the indoor air and are harmful to our respiratory system. It can quickly induce allergic sensitivity or cold-like symptoms, even leading to:

  • Asthma attacks

  • Nasal and sinus congestion

  • Watery eyes

  • Skin irritations (rashes)

  • Headaches

Children, the elderly, expecting mothers and people with respiratory problems are at a higher risk of being affected by smaller amounts of mould. Factors Which Promote Mould Growth

Mould can grow on any substance in moist environments. Like basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms and other areas in your home, garages can be prone to staying damp. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Water accumulation after heavy snow or rain

  • Moisture from ground or shoes or tires of vehicles

  • Leaks from pipes and roof

  • Improper drainage and ventilation

  • Insufficient sunlight

These conditions create a haven for mould growth in your garage. Contact our certified technicians for professional help. They always discover the source and eradicate garage mould colonies in Winnipeg. Common Places for Mould Growth

Mould can be detected by their musty odour or from discoloration of the surface. Colours range from white or orange to green or black. Sustained growth is not possible on concrete, but it is possible on the mineral coatings applied on floors. Some varieties of paint are also at risk. Apart from developing on the floors and walls of your garages, they can also be found on:

  • Stored boxes of belongings

  • Old magazines and newspapers

  • Camping equipment

So, clean and arrange your garage on a regular basis. Mould-resistant paints can be applied on walls. In addition, you can have the indoor air quality assessed for their presence by our certified technicians. How to Remove Mould in Your Garage?

You can try removing small patches of mould growing in your garage. It is a simple process, provided you know what to do. If it is on furniture, leave it out to dry. You can scrub off mould from hard surfaces like concrete floors and walls. However, it is very challenging to remove it from porous materials like untreated wood, papers, fabrics or carpet padding. The best option is to discard these. Then clean it with a damp cloth. Have proper ventilation to avoid spore release. Use gloves, goggles and a mask. You can use ammonia or bleach as cleaning agents but make sure to never mix them together. Doing so will produce fumes hazardous to health. If mould returns to the same area within 4 to 6 weeks you should call Breathe Easy Eco Solutions for a permanent solution. Precautions for Avoiding Mould Growth

Take pre-emptive actions against mould growth in the following ways:

  • Always keep your garage dry. Keep a squeegee handy to remove water that comes along with tires and shoes.

  • Use a dehumidifier in the summer or a Humidex fan in the winter to keep the moisture levels in check.

  • Don’t store organic materials like paper or cardboard boxes in the garage.

  • Make sure your garage is properly ventilated.

If you experience uncontrolled mould growth in your garage in Winnipeg, contact Breathe Easy Eco Solutions. We have a completely effective and environment-friendly solution. Please go through our customers’ testimonials on our services and read some of their commonly asked questions.


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