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Why Hire an Expert for Mould and Asbestos Removal

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From passing time with your family to sleeping, you spend lots of time indoors. This makes it important that the air you breathe in your home is clean and uncontaminated. Asbestos and mould removal is important for this, although doing so may be hazardous to untrained individuals. This is where the importance of professionals becomes evident. You can always count on Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, as we are committed to using natural and effective mould-killing techniques. It is our mission to provide safe and eco-friendly solutions to indoor pollution.

What Is Mould and Why It Should Be Removed?

It’s no secret that moulds at home or work can cause serious health issues along with property damage. Both health and property damage can become more severe and expensive as time goes on. Moulds can be white, black or almost any colour, and they reproduce via spores. They need moisture and a source of cellulose material such as wood, drywall and plaster to live on. Once moulds are actively growing, new spores are released which are small enough for people to breathe in. Prolonged exposure to excessive amounts of mould can weaken the immune system and even become life-threatening. The health symptoms associated with mould poisoning can include:

  • Nasal and sinus congestion

  • Respiratory problems

  • hroat irritation

  • Sneezing fits

  • Raspy coughing

Moulds can cause structural destruction which can be very difficult or impossible to repair. This may consist of:

  • Distortion of the appearance of materials

  • Weakened walls and floors

  • Discolouration of walls

  • Musty odour

Why You Shouldn’t Perform Mould Removal Yourself?

It’s always best to hire a specialist you can trust for carrying out mould removal. They will be trained to ensure the problem is fixed once and for all. The essential benefits of professional assistance are: Ø Proper mould assessment It’s important to discover the source to find the problem areas. This is done through proper inspection or by using methods such as mould air tests. Ø Advice on preventing future problems A specialist will be able to properly educate you and offer tips on keeping your indoor air safe and clean. This helps you save money as you won’t have to call for repairs or additional work. Ø Knowledge of different methods Professionals in this field have the expertise and the knowledge to utilize different techniques (dry brushing, damp wiping, etc.). They will identify the level of mould contamination before taking the necessary steps. Ø Access to specialized equipment Companies in this field will invest in tools such as borescopes and moisture meters. It is difficult for the average homeowner to use these tools. They often need specialized skills for proper operation. What Is Asbestos and Why It Should Be Removed?

Asbestos was a popular material used in building construction before being banned. It was mainly used due to its tensile strength and fireproofing qualities. Scientists discovered in the 1960s that asbestos contained harmful fibres that can cause cancer, mesothelioma and other respiratory illnesses. Asbestos is not generally harmful unless it is disturbed. If that happens, it releases fibres or dust into the air that can be ingested or inhaled. These fibres may get past the mucous membrane of the throat and nose and pass deeply into the lungs. Common places where asbestos might be present are:

  • Vermiculite attic insulation

  • Paper products around floor registers and ductwork

  • Insulation around furnaces, piping and wood burning stoves

  • Decorative and soundproofing materials sprayed onto ceilings and walls

  • Vinyl flooring and the adhesive used along with it

  • Patching, joint compounds and textured paints

Deterioration and damage reduce the physical strength of asbestos, making it easier to crumble. The processes that speed this up include:

  • Continuous vibration

  • Water damage

  • Grinding

  • Drilling

  • Sawing

  • Striking

Why Professional Asbestos Removal Is Ideal

If you are planning to remove asbestos in your home, it is highly recommended to consult with a specialist. Doing it yourself is not wise without the necessary tools and safety equipment. Letting professionals handle this is best because: Ø They will have extensive training and experience With frequent training sessions to complete before being certified, they are knowledgeable and skilled in handling these types of jobs. Ø They will use the right equipment and methods Reliable companies invest in high-quality equipment and keep up to date with recent innovations in the industry. This enables them to do the job safely and efficiently. Ø They will have the appropriate insurance Asbestos professionals need to have both liability and environmental insurance to operate. This ensures that you can be compensated if something goes wrong. Ø They will take care of removal and disposal Asbestos materials must be disposed of carefully and legally, as these are hazardous materials. There are manifest and license requirements needed to transport asbestos. If you have professional assistance, you won’t have to worry about removing, transporting and disposing of the materials yourself. Where Can You Find Affordable Mould and Asbestos Removal in Winnipeg?

At Breathe Easy Eco Solutions, we provide reliable and outstanding services for a healthy indoor environment. We have gained our reputation because of the quality of our workmanship and professionalism. Call us to learn more about cost-effective mould and asbestos treatment solutions in Winnipeg.


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