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Choosing a Professional in Mould Testing Services

Person Hand Testing The Moldy Wall

Do you have mould in your home? Exposure to a mouldy environment can cause a variety of serious health issues. Research has shown that there is a link between indoor mould exposure and upper respiratory infections in otherwise healthy people - and it's worse for children: mould exposure at an early age can lead to asthma and upper respiratory allergies. Tackling a mould problem is not something that you should do yourself. Surgical or dust masks do not provide adequate protection from mould. It's best left to professionals. Consider the peace of mind that comes with hiring a trusted professional in residential mould testing and mould remediation in Winnipeg.

Recognizing Mould

Mould can appear as discolouration on ceilings, walls, flooring, windowsills, carpeting, paper, and fabric. The most common colours are black and green, but there are many species of mould that are visible in different colours. It can take a little as 48 hours for mould to appear on damp surfaces. Mould in your home could have a musty or earthy smell and recognizing the smell can be the first step in eradicating mould from your home. Even if you don't have that characteristic mouldy smell, that doesn't mean that mould hasn't invaded your space. Protect your home from the dangers of mould with a free professional mould inspection and residential testing from Breathe Easy Eco Solutions.

Residential Mould Testing in Winnipeg

When looking for a service to test for mould and remove it from your home, it's important to hire a company that specializes in mould identification and removal and takes mould in the house very seriously. Breathe Easy Eco Solutions is determined to keep your home and family safe from mould. Some services we provide:

  • Free mould inspection: we can often find a mould source that may have evaded your attention

  • Air testing: even if there is no visible mould, there could be damaging levels of mould in the air

  • Taking a control sample: determining the level of outdoor mould helps us determine what the precise healthy quality of the indoor air in your home should be

  • Removal process: structurally damaged materials are treated and taken out for proper disposal

  • Environmentally-friendly treatment process: our proprietary product uses botanical enzymes and essential oils to target mould and to kill mould spores in the air

  • Premium duct cleaning: we recommend cleaning ducts after mould removal since it's common for mould particles to be left behind in duct-work

Why Choose Breathe Easy Eco Solutions?

Just ask our customers! We take customer satisfaction seriously and we're proud of our great reputation. We're professionals that specialize in mould removal. We are dedicated to keeping homes and families in Winnipeg safe by using the latest equipment to not only remove mould but to remove materials affected by mould infestation and prevent it from returning. We also provide an in-depth report that details the specified removal process for your Winnipeg home. Schedule an appointment for free residential mould testing from Breath Easy Eco Solutions today so you can breathe healthily and breathe easily, in Winnipeg!


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